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Stock of coal and fuel oil meets approved standards — Mirzagaliyev

Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 15:54:23

At the government session chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Askar Mamin, the preparation for the heating period for 2021-2022 was considered. Minister of Energy Magzum Mirzagaliyev, Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development Beibut Atamkulov, Akims of Atyrau Region Makhambet Dosmukhambetov, Karaganda region — Zhenis Kassymbek and Pavlodar region — Abylkair Skakov made reports on the measures taken.

As the Minister of Energy Magzum Mirzagaliyev noted, in accordance with the schedule approved by the System Operator, repairs at 4 power units, 18 boilers, 19 turbines have been completed at the country's power plants. At various stages, repair work is being carried out at 2 power units, 25 boilers and 16 turbines.

“As of today, out of the annual plan of 20,468 km of power transmission lines, 13,773 km have been repaired, out of 462 high-voltage substations, 316 substations have been repaired, which is 67% for lines and 68% for substations,” Mirzagaliyev said.

At the same time, according to the minister, non-compliance with the deadlines for the repair work of the main equipment of power plants in Atyrau, Karaganda, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions is noted.

"The Committee for Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control, together with the regional akimats, constantly monitor the preparation of energy enterprises for the upcoming heating season and take measures to timely complete repair work at power plants," Mirzagaliyev assured.

As the minister further reported, according to the information of local executive bodies, 925 out of 1,209 boilers were repaired to prepare 485 boiler houses in the district heating zone for the heating season.

At the same time, there is a significant lag behind the plan in Akmola, East Kazakhstan, North Kazakhstan and Almaty regions which carries certain risks for the reliable passage of the upcoming heating season.

The accumulation of fuel at power plants continues. In the warehouses of energy sources, the stock of coal is 3.5 million tons and 90 thousand tons of fuel oil, which generally complies with the approved standards.

Regarding "social fuel oil" to the regions: in August 2021, the Ministry of Energy approved a schedule for the supply of fuel oil to social production facilities and institutions in the autumn-winter period 2021-2022. The approved volume was 195.5 thousand tons of fuel oil.

The minister paid special attention to the significant volume of accounts payable of energy producing organizations for fuel.

As of Sep. 13, 2021, according to him, the debt to KazTransGas-Aimak JSC is 757 million tenge.

There is also a debt of energy producing organizations to Bogatyr-Komir LLP in the total amount of 2 billion 629 million tenge.

In addition, as the minister noted, the analysis of preparations for the heating season identified a number of regions that require special attention in the course of the current heating season.

In the West Kazakhstan region

There are problems of non-payment and accumulation of debts between market entities, which also affects payment for consumed gas by energy producing organizations.

In view of the high physical wear and tear of 83% of power grids, the Akimat of the West Kazakhstan region, as the owner of the regional power grid company ZapKazREK, is recommended to take urgent measures.

In the Karaganda region

The Akimat of the Karaganda region, together with the Committee for Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control, must keep the passage of the autumn-winter period in Temirtau under special control.

The unsatisfactory technical condition and low rates of repairs of the main equipment of CHPP-2 of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC bear the risks of interruptions in heat supply to the city of Temirtau.

The operation of the GRES-1 power plant of BASSEL GROUP LLS LLP also requires special attention. So, from the beginning of this year. there were 4 emergency shutdowns of the main equipment with a complete shutdown of power plants.

“The Ministry of Energy continues to receive numerous complaints from the population about the activities of Shet Energo LLP, which transfers and distributes electric energy to consumers in the Shet district of the Karaganda region. Based on the results of control measures in relation to Shet Energo LLP, the Ministry took appropriate measures within its competence,” Mirzagaliyev said.

In addition, letters were sent to the Ministry of National Economy and the Prosecutor's Office of the Karaganda region to take response measures to the subject of natural monopolies, Shet Energo LLP.

In the Turkistan region

Also, according to the minister, there are problems of financing the repair work of the Kentau CHP and heating networks of the Kentauservice State Enterprise. Repair work was planned for a total amount of 1 billion 980 million tenge. The purchase of fuel for the upcoming heating season requires 1 billion 273 million tenge. To date, the Akimat of the Turkestan region has allocated 646 million tenge, which is only 20% of the required amount of financing.

Taking into account the decrease in the volume of repairs of the main equipment of the power plant, the Akimat of the Turkistan region, together with the Committee for Atomic and Energy Supervision and Control, must determine the feasibility of further operation of the power plant and ensure control over the trouble-free passage of the upcoming autumn-winter period.

In the Akmola region

In view of a major accident on July 10, 2021, 4 spans of an overhead power line wire burned out in the electrical networks of the Talapker settlement of the Akmola region.

According to the minister, emergency recovery works are temporary and significantly reduce the reliability of power supply in Talapker settlement.

Akimat of Akmola region needs to resolve the issue of financing the restoration of damaged electrical networks and ensuring a normal power supply scheme in Talapker before the start of the upcoming heating season.

In general, as the minister noted, for the successful passage of the autumn-winter period 2021-2022, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. To fully carry out all repair work at power plants, electrical networks;
  2. To ensure the reduction of debts to fuel suppliers and to take measures to reduce the accounts receivable of utility consumers to suppliers;
  3. To ensure timely connection to the heating systems of education, health care, life support, social and cultural facilities of the country's settlements;
  4. To provide with autonomous backup sources of power supply to vital communal facilities, as well as healthcare facilities;
  5. During the heating season, to ensure stable supplies of coal and fuel oil to power plants, boiler houses and the needs of the population of the regions.

The Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in order to ensure high-quality and timely preparation for the upcoming heating season of 2021-2022, approved a special Work Plan, according to which akimats of regions, Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Shymkent cities had to ensure 100 percent readiness of facilities by September 1, 2021 education and by Oct. 11, 2021, to complete the preparation of all public utilities, social services, residential buildings and provide all autonomous heat sources with a standard fuel supply.

From Sep. 6, 2021, together with the Presidential Administration, the preparation of the regions for the upcoming heating season is being checked.

For the current period, the readiness of educational facilities is 99%.

Akimats of Akmola, Aktobe, Zhambyl regions and the city of Nur-Sultan need to take urgent measures to complete work at educational facilities.

The readiness of healthcare facilities today is 99%.

Akimats of Almaty, Aktobe, North Kazakhstan regions and the city of Nur-Sultan need to complete work on preparing facilities for the heating season.

Repairs of more than 48 thousand residential buildings are planned in the republic, readiness for today is 94%.

Four regions are behind the plan, these are Almaty, East Kazakhstan, Pavlodar regions and the city of Nur-Sultan.

Autonomous boiler houses

Akimats are planning to repair about 11 thousand autonomous boiler houses, of which more than 10 thousand have been prepared, this is 99% of the plan.

Out of the planned about 4 thousand km of heating networks, more than 3.8 thousand km, or 96%, have been repaired. 4 regions are lagging behind the plan.

For water supply and sewerage, with a plan of about 14 thousand km, 13.6 thousand km or 99% were repaired.

“Akimats need to strengthen measures for the timely preparation of engineering infrastructure, social facilities and housing for the heating season,” Atamkulov noted.

For autonomous boiler houses, the need for fuel for the coming heating season is about 3 million tons of coal and 68 thousand tons of fuel oil.

To date, 2.6 million tons of coal and 60 thousand tons of fuel oil have been procured.

A low percentage of coal purchases is observed in Kyzylorda, Pavlodar, Kostanay, North Kazakhstan regions, fuel oil in Akmola, Turkistan and Aktobe and Kyzylorda regions.

“It is necessary to take urgent measures for the timely purchase and delivery of fuel for autonomous boiler houses,” Atamkulov noted.

The ministry also monitors the supply of coal to the population and the household sector on a weekly basis.

According to operational data, coal mining companies produced about 68 million tons of coal in January-August 2021, which is 98.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.

In the context of large coal companies, according to the minister, there is an increase in production at Bogatyr Komir, Shubarkol Komir and Karazhyr.

“In general, coal reserves in sufficient quantities have been accumulated in all regions, there will be no excitement or shortage. The railway transport park ensures the transportation of coal in full,” Atamkulov assured.

The ministry also monitors the supply of coal to the population and the household sector on a weekly basis.

According to operational data, coal mining companies produced about 68 million tons of coal in January-August 2021, which is 98.5% compared to the corresponding period last year.

In the context of large coal companies, according to the minister, there is an increase in production at Bogatyr Komir, Shubarkol Komir and Karazhyr.

“In general, coal reserves in sufficient quantities have been accumulated in all regions, there will be no excitement or shortage. The railway transport park ensures the transportation of coal in full,” Atamkulov assured.

On the basis of the data of akimats, the Ministry has formed a Plan for the needs of coal products for public utilities and for the population for the period 2021-2022.

According to the Plan, the volume of consumption will be about 9.2 million tons, of which 2.8 million tons for the utilities sector, 6.4 million tons for the population.

As of Sep. 9, 2021, the availability of coal reserves in relation to the plan of demand is: the utilities sector — 73%, the population — 60%.

The minister also noted that coal pricing is formed on the basis of market relations and is not regulated by the state.

According to the akimats, the cost of coal in the regions varies from 5 to 19 thousand tenge per ton. The price depends, first of all, on the coal grade, on the production costs and the distance of supplies.

“In order to fulfill the Address of the Head of State, measures have been taken to improve the regulation of the activities of commodity exchanges. As of today, the protocol of the Exchange Committee approved sectional rules for the sale of municipal coal through commodity exchanges,” Atamkulov noted.

The ministry has developed recommendations regarding the requirements for regional operators.

According to the minister, on the basis of these recommendations, the akimats have identified regional operators who are currently directly participating in auctions without intermediaries and selling coal to the end consumer, that is, the population.

For September 2021 consumer debt for utilities is 14.4 billion tenge.

As the minister noted, the largest accounts receivable remain in 4 regions.

In general, according to the minister, preparations for the heating season are being carried out in accordance with the approved plans and are under the constant control of the ministry.

In order to timely prepare for the upcoming heating season, akimats need to:

- ensure control over the implementation of all repair work on the preparation of education, health care, residential buildings and engineering infrastructure of settlements in a timely manner;

- actively interact with coal suppliers in order to eliminate coal shortages;

- to exclude an unlawful increase in the price of coal for public utilities and the population by involving the territorial divisions of the antimonopoly department;

- timely procure fuel for autonomous boiler houses and take measures to pay off existing accounts receivable.

In the Karaganda region, according to the Akim Zhenis Kassymbek, preparations for the heating season have been completed.

At the stations of Karaganda, Balkhash and Zhezkazgan, in accordance with the schedule, repair work on 12 boilers and 7 turbines was completed.

“At CHPP-2 of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, the station will enter the heating season with five boilers. 4 boilers will work, 1 — in reserve, which is enough to maintain the temperature regime. The sixth boiler is planned to be commissioned by Nov. 10, 2021. Thus, 2 boilers will be in reserve,” Kassymbek informed.

On the construction of a new boiler No. 7 at TPP-2 in Temirtau, the akim reported that today equipment is being supplied from the Podolsk machine-building plant to the station. The contractor is building the main building of the boiler No. 7.

Commissioning of the facility is scheduled for October 2022.

Fuel reserves are available, delivery is being carried out in accordance with the schedule.

As the akim reported further, the planned volumes for the preparation of life support facilities, social and cultural facilities and housing stock have been fully completed. Currently, work is underway to fill and pressurize heat supply networks. It is planned to complete these works by September 20 of this year.

Previously, according to him, the heating season in the region is planned to begin at the end of September, at the beginning of October, depending on weather conditions.

In the Pavlodar region, as reported in turn by the akim Abylkair Skakov, currently preparations for the heating season are being carried out in accordance with the approved schedules.

Out of 30 units of equipment planned for repair, 16 units of equipment have been repaired at the energy sources of the region, 11 units are being repaired, the repair period has not approached for 3 units of the main equipment.

When carrying out the repair campaign, according to the akim, there is a slight lag at the TPP of Aluminum of Kazakhstan JSC, which will not affect the passage of the heating season.

There are 1.1 million tons of coal and 16.2 thousand tons of fuel oil in the coal warehouses of the region's energy sources. The lag is observed at Ekibastuz GRES-1 and Ekibastuz TPP.

“Today, Ekibastuz GRES-1, an additional agreement is being concluded to increase the volume of coal supplies from the Vostochny open-pit mine, which will provide a standard 10-day fuel supply,” Skakov assured.

As for the Ekibastuz CHPP of Ekibastuzteploenergo LLP, now work is underway to conclude agreements with banks to pay off the resulting debt by the end of October. But the fuel supply at the enterprise for more than 10 days will be provided by the end of September.

Also in the region, 1,724.2 km of power supply networks, 704 substations, 12.8 km of heat supply networks, 14.1 km of water supply and sewerage networks have been repaired. The work is being carried out in accordance with the schedules.

“In addition, at the expense of budget funds, the construction of the heating main No. 42 (TM) was completed and, at the stage of completion, TM-31, which will improve heat supply to problem areas of the Dachny, Usolsky and central part of Pavlodar," informed Skakov.

The Akimat is under the special control of providing residents with municipal coal. Today, the population has procured about 256 thousand tons, or 60% of the need.

Additionally, fuel bases in cities and regions have a coal reserve of 14.7 thousand tons.

According to the akim, there is no shortage of coal in the region today, coal is available for free sale.

With regard to autonomous boiler houses, according to the akim, all autonomous boiler houses, educational and healthcare facilities have been prepared for the beginning of the heating season. Coal delivery to social facilities is also carried out without delays, 101 thousand tons or 68.4% were delivered.

To date, 2,176 apartment buildings have been prepared, or 91%.

First of all, the start-up of heat supply will be carried out to education, health care and social and cultural facilities, depending on weather conditions, the connection is planned approximately by Sep. 16, 2021.

“Preparation for the heating season is under constant control of the regional akimat,” Skakov assured.

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